14th Steering Group Meeting of the EUSDR PA1b

14th Steering Group Meeting of the EUSDR PA1b

Dear colleagues of the Priority Area1b,

the 14th STEERING GROUP meeting of the EUSDR Priority Area 1b: 
"To improve mobility and multimodality - Road, Rail and Air Links"

was held in  Austria Trend Hotel, Ljubljana, Slovenia on Tuesday 30th May 2017.

The participants from seven member countries, the observers and invited speakers and experts were greeted by chairman Mr. Franc Žepič, PAC 1b from Slovenia and by Mrs. Andreja Jerina, the Slovenian National Coordinator.

You kindly invited to take a look at the meeting agenda and the presentations:

The agenda:

The presentations: 

Kind regards,

Mr. Franc Žepič and Mr. Miodrag Poledica
Priority Area Coordinators