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The third stakeholder conference of the Danube strategy
Priority Area 1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – rail, road and air links

The Danube Region Transport Days 2014
From concepts to projects

21 and 22 October 2014

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The coordinators of the Danube region strategy, Priority area 1b, have organised the third stakeholder conference THE DANUBE REGION TRANSPORT DAYS 2014, from concepts to projects, which took place on Tuesday, 21 and Wednesday, 22 October 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Event brought together 220 registered participants - representatives of research community, representatives of business, policy makers and other stakeholders from Danube Region - Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Romania, BIH, Macedonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro – and representatives from EU. 

The aim of "The Danube region transport days 2014" was to provide information on state-of-play implementation process, to share presentations made by stakeholders of all transport modes and exchange the views and to get familiarized with project ideas and projects of particular relevance to the Danube region improvement and development of transport infrastructure and transport services. The conference addressed the implementation of the EU strategy for the Danube Region in the field of transport.

Final agenda and participant list can be found below, followed by list of presentations (including speakers and links).




CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS (in chronological order)

Part I: Financing Mechanisms for Small and Large Projects

EU Existing and New Financing Mechanisms for the Danube Region
Irina Cruceru, DG REGIO, European Commission
EIB’s Contribution to Transport Infrastructure Investments in the Danube Region
Alfredo Diaz, EIB  (European Investment Bank), Luxembourg
EBRD Financing of Sustainable Regional Transport Projects
Donald Mishaxhiu,  EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
TAF-DRP and START: Technical Assistance for New Projects
Gudrun Pabst, Project Manager, EuroVienna GmbH, Austria

Part II: Cooperation on Attracting Projects with Added Value for the Danube Region

Are Expectations to Use Results of Finished Projects in Order to Bring Added Value to New Projects Justified?
Andreja Jerina, National Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
SEETO’s View on How to Create Feasible and Implementable Project
Mate Gjorgjievski, Acting General Manager, South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO)

Part III: Activities and On-going Projects Relevant to the Danube Region

Results of the ACROSSEE Project
Alberto Cozzi, Project Manager, CEI, Italy
Results of the TRANSDANUBE Project
Agnes Kurzweil, Environment Agency, Austria
Results of the DABSEA Project
dr. Gerhard Burian, DABS Declaration, Austria
Results of the DABSEA Project - Feasibility study
Adrian Vilcan,  AV Transport Planning SRL, Romania
Danube Strategy and Innovation in Combined Traffic
Stephan Hartl, Project Manager, LKZ Prien GmbH, Germany
Results of the ATTAC (Attractive Urban Public Transport for Accessible Cities) Project
Mitja Klemenčič, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Results of the SENSOR project
Jure Kostanjšek, AMZS
Olivera Djordjević, MRSH

Part IV: Actions to Narrow the Gap Between Transport Efficiency of the Danube Region Countries

Danube Strategy’s Action Plan and Roadmaps
Miodrag Poledica, State Secretary and PAC, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Serbia
Sustainable Transport in Metropolitan Areas and Regions
Lilijana Madjar, RRA LUR, Slovenia
ITS Deployment in the Danube Region
Martin Böhm, Austriatech, Austria

Part V: Recent Project Proposals

Cycling Mobility Management Strategy in the Danube Region (DrCycleNet)
Polona Andrejčič Mušič, Cisum Ltd, Slovenia
Transport Analysis for the Danube Macro-region (TAD)
Joachen Schneider, European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg
The Danube Region Air Transport Development (DAirNet)
dr. Ana Šimecki, Transport Planning Manager, SEETO
The Danube Region Intermodal Strategy (DRIS)
Mladen Krstić, Univerity of Belgrade, Serbia

Keynote speech

Approach Towards New Project Proposals That Should Contribute to Improved Mobility and Connectivity in the Danube Region
Cesare Bernabei, DG MOVE, European Commission

WORKSHOP I: Sustainable Transport in Urban Areas and Regions

Sustainable Transport in Urban Areas and Regions - Introduction to workshop
Lilijana Madjar, RRA LUR, Slovenia
Sustainable Transport in Ljubljana
Miran Gajšek, M.Sc., Head of Spatial Planning, Municipality of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Traffic Forecast and Steering for Smoother Transport Flows: Optima and Symmon in Vienna
Gerald Lamprecht, Senior Consultant, PTV, Austria
Budapest Cycling Developments Through the New Bike Sharing Scheme
Péter Dalos, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Hungary
Prospects of Sustainable Mobility in Zagreb
Marijan Ključarič, Head of Traffic Planning and Management in the City of Zagreb, Croatia
Sustainable Mobility in Ljubljana Urban Region
Matej Gojčič, Deputy Director, RRA LUR, Slovenia

WORKSHOP II: Western Balkan Corridor (WBC)

Western Balkan Corridor„why and who?“ - Introduction to workshop
Boris Živec, Undersecretary, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia
SEETO Activities Related to the Western Balkan Corridor
Nedim Begović, Railway Expert, SEETO
Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Western Balkan Corridor Framework
Enes Čovrk, Head of ITES Department, IPSA Institute Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Corridor X in the Network of European Rail Freight Corridors
Thomas Wimroither, Corridor X Plus, Austria
RNE as a Coordination Platform for RFCs‘ Core Processes and Tools
Martin Erlinger, Joint Corridor Manager, RailNetEurope (RNE)
Opportunities for Combined Transport Along the Western Balkan Corridor 
Rok Svetek, Director, Schenker Slovenia Ltd. and Adria Kombi, Ltd., Slovenia

WORKSHOP  III: The Danube Region Air Transport Network Strategy (DAirNet)

Danube Region Air Transport Network Strategy - Introduction to workshop
dr. Ana Šimecki, Transport Planning Manager, SEETO
DAirNet Project Concept
Ronald Hackl, iC Consulenten, Austria
The Danube Region Air Transport Challenges
dr. Mirko Tatalović, Member and President of the Board of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Croatia
Jasmin Bajić, Director of Controlling and Internal Audit, Croatia Airlines, Croatia
Air Transport as a Driver for Development and Economic Prosperity in the South East Europe
Zoran Djuranović, Director, ANS Division of the CAA of Montenegro, JSPA initiative
Integra A/S 
Tomislav Mihetec, Integra Consult A/S, Denmark

WORKSHOP V: Revitalisation of Regional Railway System (ReVitaRail)

ReVitaRail Project  − Aims, Objectives and Main Idea
Blaž Jemenšek, Institute of Traffic and Transport, Slovenia
Low Cost CCS Solutions for Regional and Low Traffic Density Lines
Tomaž Ramšak, Institute of Traffic and Transport, Slovenia
The Importance of Rail Passenger Transport for Regional Lines
Boštjan Koren, Slovenian Railways − Passenger Traffic, Slovenia
Value Models for Property Development on Railway Station Surrounding Area
dr. Alenka Temeljotov Salaj, European Faculty of Law, Slovenia