Modernisation of the railway corridor State Border of the Cz

Modernisation of the railway corridor State Border of the Czech Republic/Slovak Republic−Čadca−Krásno nad Kysucou


The project regards the modernisation of the railway line from the state border between Czech Republic/Slovakia-Čadca-Krásno nad Kysucou. The railway section extends for about 17 km and is part of the Rhine-Danube CNC, namely of the section Ostrava/Prerov-Žilina-Košice-UA border. It is also part of the Pan-European Corridor VI and part of Rail Freight Corridors 5 and 9. The line is internally codified as 106D by ŽSR (i.e., the Rail Infrastructure manager of Slovakia).

The beneficiary of the project is ŽSR (Rail Infrastructure manager in Slovakia).


The bottleneck is mainly represented by speed limits (due to the strong slope) and to the lack of ETCS between Čadca and the border with Czech Republic. The project is part of the Operational Programme Transport (i.e., OPT), priority axis n. 1. The main goals of the project are increasing safety of travel and overall standards, reduction of negative environmental impact, increasing the railway route transport capacity, provide more effective transport management and time saving.