The Danube Region Transport Days 2018

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The Danube Region Transport Days 2018

Posted by PA 1b, Monday, 29th October 2018 @ 1:35 pm

Fourth Annual Stakeholders’ Conference


Tuesday and Wednesday, 4th - 5th December 2018
 Ljubljana /

Venue: Hotel West Bestern Premier SLON , Slovenska cesta 34, Ljubljana

The 4th International stakeholder conference entitled “The Danube Region Transport Days 2018” aims to bring together transport community to exchange and share their experiences, results and ideas on all aspects of transport in the Danube macro-region.  Moreover the aim is to strengthen cooperation between transport stakeholders in the Danube macro-region in order to jointly address the challenges associated with implementation of existing transport policy activities.

Registration, programme, venue available at:         Participation is free of charge!

Frame agenda:

  • Plenary: Welcome and Introduction & Keynote Speeches
  • Session 1: Financing Mechanisms for Transport Projects in the Danube region
  • Session 2: Towards Improved Mobility and Connectivity in the Danube Region: Main transport corridors crossing the Danube macro-region
  • Session 3: Activities and On-going Projects Relevant to the Danube Region
  • Session 4: The future of rail passenger transport in the Danube region
  • Session 5: Euro-Asian transport links and their importance for the Danube region
  • Session 6: Road Safety in the Danube region with focus on strategy and policy making for safer roads
  • Session 7: Challenges of Air transport in the Danube region
  • Closure of the Conference