The Danube Region Transport Days 2012

The Danube Region Transport Days 2012

The first stakeholder conference of the Danube strategy (EUSDR) 
Priority Area 1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – rail, road and air links

Towards coordinated efforts for efficient transport in the Danube Region

Sunday, 18 and Monday, 19 November 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ministry of infrastructure and spatial planning of Republic of Slovenia have in co-operation with Ministry of transport of Republic of Serbia organized The first stakeholder conference of the Danube strategy (EUSDR) named THE DANUBE REGION TRANSPORT DAYS 2012, Towards coordinated efforts for efficient transport in the Danube Region. Conference on "Priority Area 1b: To improve mobility and multimodality – rail, road and air links" took place on 18th and 19th November 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Event brought together around one hundred representatives of research community as well as representatives of business and politics from Danube Region and surrounding countries (including Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Romania, BIH ...).

The aim of "The Danube region transport days 2012" was to stimulate process of awareness, reflection, research, networking, planning and developing the transport system of the Danube region. The event focused on search for opportunities offered by the Danube Strategy and communicating current and planned incentives needed to conduct projects relevant for the Danube region.

Final agenda and participant list can be found below, followed by list of presentations (including speakers and links). Image gallery is available on following LINK.



Final AGENDA (PDF | 199 KB)

List of participants (PDF | 232 KB)

LIST OF PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES (followed by chronological order):

Welcome address and keynote speech

Danube strategy an opportunity for the prosperity of the region
Mr. Ljubo Žnidar, State Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia
Developing the Danube region: Transport and Infrastructural Priorities
Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, Director, DG MOVE, European Commission

SESSION I: Implementation progress, next steps of the EUSDR and activities taken by the Priority Area 1b

The Danube region: a gateway to Europe
Mr. Colin Wolfe, Head of Unit, DG Regio, European Commission
The Danube strategy supports full modal integration
Ms. Silvia-Adriana Ţicău, Vice-chair of TRAN Committee, European Parliament
Did we deliver? View from the NCP
Ms. Andreja Jerina, Slovenian National Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Danube Strategy – PA1b “State of play and challenges ahead”
Mr. Miodrag Poledica, State secretary and Priority area coordinator, Ministry of transport, Serbia and
Mr. Franc Žepič, Priority area coordinator, Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial planning, Slovenia

SESSION II: Challenges and solutions for transport in the Danube region

Challenges and solutions for Air transport in the Danube region
Prof. Sanja Steiner, Head of Department, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Business models and solutions for the Adriatic – Danube multimodal platform
Mr. Igor Hribar, Director of Freight Transport, Slovenian Railways, Slovenia
Slovenia your Logistic Gateway to Europe
Mr. Robert Sever, Director, Transport Association, Chamber of Commerce, Slovenia
Industry involvement
Mr. Igor Žula, Director, 3 Projekt, management d.o.o., Slovenia
Danube strategy – improving the connectivity of the region
Ms. Nikolina Nikolova, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria
Danube Knowledge Cluster - Tool of cooperation and solidarity in The Danube Region
Mr. Lubomir Plai, Head of office, Danube Knowledge Cluster, Slovakia

SESSION III: Views from regional organisations

Synergies across stakeholders in the Danube Strategy
Mr. Carlo Fortuna, Head of Transport and Regional Co-operation, CEI (Central European Initiative)
Better efficiency of railway sector as a result of closer cooperation of Railway infrastructure managers
Mr. Boris Živec, Managing Board Member, RNE (Rail Net Europe)

SESSION IV: Financing mechanisms and solutions

Existing financing mechanisms and future solutions for the Danube Region
Mr. Ognjen Mirić, Serbian National Coordinator, Government of the Republic of Serbia, European Integration Office, Serbia
Transnational Cooperation for improvement of accessibility in SEE 2007-2013: experiences and characteristics of a successful project
Ms. Roberta Calcina, Project Manager, SEE programme
European Investment Bank: EIB’s Contribution to Transport Infrastructure Investments in the Danube Region
Mr. Martin C. Brunkhorst, Head of Vienna Office, EIB (European Investment Bank)
Financing mechanisms – WBIF
Mr. Jeremy Lazenby, Consultant, WBIF (Western Balkans Investment Framework)