Third runway of the Vienna International Airport

Third runway of the Vienna International Airport


This project regards the construction of the third runway of the Vienna International Airport (i.e., VIA). The VIA is a core node of the Baltic-Adriatic CNC. Currently, there are two intersecting runways available for take-offs and landings. However, in terms of potential for air traffic management, this configuration of the air side is considered a bottleneck. The capacity is not equal to 2, but only to 1,6.

The project promoter is the VIA.


The peak hour capacity is an issue also for air traffic controllers that have to direct landing aircrafts to low level holding patters, where the aircrafts circle, increasing noise disturbance and generating pollution. A similar issue exists also for departing traffic. On the ground, the lack of runway capacity often results in 10-15-minute delays for queued aircrafts. The third additional runway would increase the capacity from 74 to 95 slots per hours (i.e., +32%) and reduce delays, fuel consumption and noise by removing holding patterns in the air and on the ground.


The total estimated investment cost is equal to € 1,2 billion.